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Urban / Suburban railway
(line - stations)

Urban railway
(technical bases)

Transportation projects
Route planning

Road structural works
Railway structural works
Technical consultant and
project management services
Technical consultant for the management and construction of the Olympic Village
Management Consultant for the investment program of O.S.E. for the years 1994 - 1999
Technical and functional requirements for the 'Airport' suburban rail station
Helex B, Athens, Greece
Compilation of Design Regulations for Construction and Architecture in residential areas, Greece
New German Consulate and residential building, Thessaloniki, Greece
ΒΙΜ Services
Very often, engineering companies with little or no experience in large-scale design are appointed to perform technical consultant and project management services. Though this phenomenon is international, in Greece it is more frequent. As a result, the provided services often fail to reach the Client's expectations and the requirements of the project.

OBERMEYER, having successfully occupied the position of management and construction consultant for the biggest transportation project in Greece (O.S.E.) and the biggest housing project in Greece (Olympic Village), sets new standards for the very sensitive and demanding consulting services sector.

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