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Preliminary Design and the ESIA for the rehabilitation of the railway line Fushe Kosove / Kosovo Polje – Podujevo (Border with Serbia), Kosovo


Location: Kosovo
Client: Kosovo Railways Infrastructure 
Date: 2018 – 
Construction costs:
Technical Details

The project involves the rehabilitation and construction of the 45 km long single railway section between Fushe Kosove and Podujevo, as part of a wide-ranging rail reform programme to bring the sector into compliance with European Union (“EU”) directives. The Northeast to West railway connection includes the East line from the border with Serbia (station Podujevë) to Fushë Kosovë via Prishtinë. It was constructed in 1949 and connects the stations Podujevo, Bardosh, Pristina and Fushe Kosove. This railway line sustained significant damages during the period 1990 to 1999 and the section from Pristina to the border is not operational. Its current condition is not suitable for traffic, as almost all the superstructure components have been removed. 

The Republic of Kosovo secured funding from WBIF, CEB, EBRD and EIB to revise the designs to meet the current requirements and to complete the construction.

The assignment embraces the provision of engineering services in Preliminary design. The section has a total of 45 km tracks, 5 bridges, 7 underpasses, 4 stations and 5 stops, 2 tunnels and 90 culverts. The project adheres to the EU interoperability requirements and designs are according to the relevant Kosovο and European regulations.

Services Provided

The scope of OBERMEYER’s services includes the elaboration of the preliminary design for the following civil works of the railway section: 4 new and existing stations, one of which is the main railway station in the capital city Pristina, 5 stops, 5 bridges, 7 underpasses and also the preliminary design of telecommunication.


  • Civil works
    • Bridges
    • Underpasses
    • Retaining walls
    • railway stations and stops, including buildings, platforms and canopies (rehabilitation of existing and new)
  • Telecommunication systems

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