Transport infrastructure / roads


Mytilene South Ringroad on Lesvos Island (L=6,40km), Greece


Location: Greece
Client: Ministry of Public Works
Date: 2009 – 2017
Construction costs: approx. € 30 million
Technical Details

The project involves the construction of the 6.4 km long road section and its structures on Lesvos Island to bypass the city of Mytilene.

OBERMEYER’s assignment embraces the provision of engineering services in the design of the 6.4km long road and its structures, namely 4 Bridges (precast prestressed beam deck, total length 300 m), 1 Cut & Cover (length 115 m) and 1 Cover & Cut (length 122 m).



Services Provided

The scope of OBERMEYER’s services includes the elaboration of all designs at all phases for 4 Bridges, 1 Cut & Cover and 1 Cover & Cut.

The Design process comprises three stages:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Design
  • Detailed Design

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